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Idaho's Version of Beach, Spokane River

Floating Restaurant

We had a breakfast meeting this morning with the group. We went over what to expect on the trip, things to do and not do. They told us about additional tours we could take, such a halibut fishing, which David will be doing for sure. The tailgunner said he would check everyone's tires each morning before we left - easier to take care of a flat in the campground than on the road. I was happy to hear that the wagonmaster will tell us each night before a travel day what to expect and then we are free to leave whenever we choose - everyone will not be traveling together in one long group. That way we can leave early and David can stop as often as he likes to take pictures or look at things along the way. The book we received yesterday tells you what is at each significant mile marker, such as gas, places to eat, shop, etc. It is very detailed and so we should have no problems. The only time they would like you to show up at a certain time is if there is a planned activity or meal. Of course, it is up to you, but you have paid for it already so we probably don't want to miss anything, especially if they are doing the cooking. We have dinner tonight at a floating restaurant so I am going to sign off. We are off to Canada tomorrow morning - Yeah!

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