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On the snorkel boat trip around Koh Tao

Me, Rachel, Jo and Charlotte

Another 7 Eleven stop

Waiting for the night train in Chumporn

The next morning we were all out of bed for breakfast before it ended at 10am and then took the bus to the next ferry port to get to Koh Tao. We eventually arrived at a wonderful hotel called Seashell Resort which was basically in the middle of everything, and anything you needed was only a short walk away.

Thye took us on a short tour of the main street in our resort; the hotels restaurant on the beach, the best internet place and, of course, 7 Eleven. After a late lunch at a wonderful cafe that did the best fresh bread and the best iced coffee that I've ever tasted. Probably the best as it was iced and I was very hot, we went back to the hotel to use the pool for what part of the afternoon we had left. Now you really would think that a really hot country would have a really nice refreshing cool pool to swim in. But no, it was the same temperature and a warm bath, even the jacuzzi was slightly cooler than the swimming pool, and even then I had to take a cold shower just to cool off! Not impressed with the swimming pools in Thailand I must say!

We met for dinner at the hotel's restaurant and being on the beach was very lovely, but it didn't half stink I must say. I think Thye said it was to do with the tide being out and all the dead jellyfish or something? The beach wasn't nice at all there so we didn't go swimming in it. Also, as we sat down to dinner, they were playing the film The Beach up on the big screen, which was pretty cool, as it is set in Bangkok and apparently the waterfall scene was filmed on Koh Samui somewhere. After dinner we just decided to chill out and walk around, do a bit of market stall shopping and continue my new bikini hunt that was utterly unsuccessful in Bangkok!

The next morning we'd all booked to go on a snorkelling day trip right around the island to visit all the bays. It was brilliant! In the taxi from the hotel to the port we met a

Swedish guy called Richard who works as a reporter, and he was telling us he was on a working holiday and when he goes back he'll be working on the royal wedding happening in Sweden. So we all get snorkel and flippered up (me saving money because I already had my own with me) and head down the pier to the boat. We travelled around the island, took some good photos and made a few stops at places like Mango Bay and the Japanese Garden. Unfortunately we didn't see any Nemo fish but hopefully I will at the Barrier Reef in Oz! But the coral was very beautiful and there were some wicked tropical fish around, which is why I really wished I had a waterproof digital camera! At one stop during the afternoon the boys decided they wanted some beer, so they swam to the shore and managed to bring a few bottles back tied to them in floating plastic bags.

It was incredibly windy and rocky on the way back to our port, and we were just coming into they pier when the boat broke down. So we sat there for ages and one of the girls in another group felt so sea sick she told Thye she was going to swim to shore, but luckily they got the boat going again a few minutes after and we were finally back on dry land.

After dinner of pizzas and pasta at an Italian, we went to the Lotus Bar which was another beach bar with mats and cushions on the floor to sit on. It was quite windy which was actually pretty good, compared to the night before it was baking hot, so the wind cooled us down a bit. So there was more cocktail buckets and more flame throwers on the shore line, they also like to get quite close to you with their fire poi! Needless to say I ended up in another bar across the road called Choppers dancing on the tables to a live music band with a few other randoms from the Netherlands!

The next morning, with the Mother of all hangovers, Jo and I managed to gather our things together to check out then go and find some lunch and try and book a hostel for the following day in Bangkok. A hangover in the sweltering heat is not fun and a trip to 7 Eleven to use their air con seemed to help a bit!

We took another truck back to the ferry port where I could sit quietly on the floor until it was time to board our katamarang back to the main land. After having a rest on the boat and having a doze in the lovely air con, I felt a lot better!

When we got off the ferry to get the coach to the train station, we had to walk across the longest bridge EVER to reach the shore. My wheely backpack didn't enjoy it too much as the planks were full of holes! Nor did my arm after dragging 20KG. After the coach trip we then took another truck cab to a restaurant next to Chumporn train station where we could wait for a few hours until our train around 9pm. It was quite good as we had dinner, we could shower before the night train, and best of all there was a huge 7 Eleven just down the road for all your travelling needs! I bought an Ice Tea and some sesame seed peanut biscuit bar things.

The second journey on the night train was even worst than the first; luckily I got the bottom bunk and made sure I had full pyjamas, hoodie and cosy socks ready to wear if the air con got really freezing like before. But all the air con did was make my cough even worse, so I basically felt like I wanted to cough all night, but when you're in a train carriage with about 50 other people who are asleep, it's not a good idea. So unfortunately I had to spend a bit of time outside the carriage in the sink area with my blanket. I miss the Chinese night trains, boo to Thailand ones!

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