Summer 2010 travel blog

Friday 9/3/2010

I had a good quick trip down to Dansville. Only about 45 miles. I am now parked and set up right at the North end of the North/South runway. There is a nice breeze but it sure is hot and humid. We are boondocking this weekend (no hookups) so will run the generator once or twice a day to charge all the batteries and electronics. I have tried out the hotspot in my Droid 2 phone so should be able to post these updates each day. Will also try to put up a few pictures however they may be too slow. But can try to put them up on Facebook also. They only allowed 65 campers this year and they are coming in pretty steady and we should be full soon. I am waiting for Bonnie to show up as she is coming down after work. I parked just a few spots from a friend thats in our camping club. He invited me to be part of the ground crew on the Dragon Balloon tonight so that should be fun if the weather cooperates. The weather front is just west of us and has already passed Buffalo so we will see. Tomorrow should be cooler so that will of course be nice. If the weather is not good, Bonnie brought some DVDs for us to enjoy. My thermometer says 89 so I am going to chill for a while.

Well the promised weather front came through right at launch time so the launch was scrubbed. We were going to be on the ground crew for the Dragon balloon so we lost out on that maybe tomorrow. So no pictures for today. Bonnie got here just before the rain and wind. It did pass pretty quickly and we headed into town for the local Chinese buffet, a very popular spot and lots to choose from and very tasty. Now back at the airport it is almost dark. We are watching a video and running the generator to charge up and to heat water for a hot shower. Then it will be early to bed. We are hoping the weather improves and the balloons can launch and those that are not here can enjoy their Labor Day weekend plans. More tomorrow, thanks for checking in.

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