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The beginning of this trp found us on the road at 10:15 am on Fri. 4 June 2010, leaving McGregor for our ultimate first day destination of Kincardine, where we will spend the weekend and visit with an Air Force friend whom I haven't seen in 20 years. The trip was was blessed with nice weather. We stopped in Chatham and picked up some supplies, and let the kids roam the grass and go pee. We took Highway 2 to 79, and north to highway 21 into Kincardine, passing through Grand Bend.. I recognized a small motel in Grand Bend, named the Blue Water Motel, that my parents took us to as kinds; that was a real time-warp experience.

We arrived at the Green Acres Park in Kincardine, just in time for the rain to start, guaranteeing that I would be setting up in the rain yet again.

I reuinted with my old friend, Kevin "Pepper" Beaudro, on Saturday June 5th, where we met each other's families and went golfing together, while the rest stayed at the RV and crafted together. Rain again ensured that a campfire wasn't going to happen Saturday night, but a nice visit until 10:30pm was still done.

We will be saying our goodbye's this morning, and heading out to Sarnia this afternoon, with our jump-off time of 6:00am tomorrow morning into Michigan approaching fast.

We spent the next night at Cathcart Park in Sombra, 30km outside Sarnia, and had a nice visit from our good friends, Steve and Gloria Ross. We had a nice BBQ, drank some wine, and went to bed relatively early to start our trip the next morning.

We crossed the Bluewater Bridge at about 6:30am, took on supplies and had breakfast across the border. Our first day traveresed the state of Michigan, stopping for the night at the Flying J in Benton Harbor, MI. We arrived at the Flying J at about 4:30pm. This place was very, very busy, not to mention very very loud and dirty. I napped for a few hours, and pulled out at 11:30pm while Soo and Jenny Bean went to bed. Lady Luck kept me company throughout the night, which was dark and rainy.

The roads through Chicago and Illinois were horrendous, continuously shaking the RV to its rivets throughout the night's journey. I finally stopped at a Pilot Travel Centre at around 4:30am, turned on the furnace [it was really cold out] and slept for a few hours. We continued on our journey, stopping for a break at a Flying J in Black River Falls, WI at around 10:00am or so. Here, we picked up a brick of smoked Wisconsin cheddar cheese, ad a coffee mug with a picture of a beagle on it that looked a lot like Lady Luck.

We arrived at East St Paul RV Park in St Paul, MN in the afternoon, and stayed the night at this beautilful RV park. If not for our timetable, we would have stayed another night or two. Here we met an employee named Bill, who had just lost his beloved beagle Tasha a few days earlier. Tashsa looked a lot like Lady Luck, and it was a very emotional experience for him to see Lady Luck. Bill later visited our site a brought pictures of Tasha for us to see. Before we left, we gave Bill a nice homemade card by Soo, and the beagle travel mug that we bought just hours before, so that Bill could have a piture of his beloved Tasha with him during his work day.

Our next day's travel ended with us in Fargo, ND, where we stayed at the Lindenwood Campground. Our site abutted the interstate, so it was quite loud and unenjoyable. We departed very early the next morning, and made our way to Minot, ND, where the Roughrider Campground was fantastic and very enjoyable. So much so that we pre-booked our return accomodations before we left.

Next stop: Moose Jaw. We crossed at North Portal, and headed up the very, very dirty Highway 39, which caked our otherwise clean RV with dirt, filth, and mud. Before we arrived in Moose Jaw, we called Melanie, and heard her on the radio doing a remote only a few minutes from our destination.

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