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Jeff's Mercury Cougar

picking through the change for the elusive quarter

Notice the "do not" sign? (I spent a lot of time in...

Oop's City Market through the window of the laundrymat

Playing a little video game - passing another seven minutes of drying...

Well, the past week has been very busy since we vacated the big house on Sunday. Before we completely vacated Rick had to find a home for the Cougar.....No, no, not me!-the cougar CAR that belongs to his son, Jeff! Here's a picture of it...nice looking it just needs to have the interior restore done and the chrome put back on - hopefully Jeff will have time for that this summer. We spent Monday in a bit of a fog - sort of layed low, but still got more things moved into the storaqe unit that we had left in the bed of the truck and the trailer. Because of the Memorial Day holiday, we had to wait until Tuesday to take the garbage to the dump (transfer station).

Rick has been continuing his attendace at morning coffee with his friends, Rotary meetings on Tuesdays, and of course his fire department meetings on the first and third Wednesday of each month.

Me?; I've been keeping busing (boy, I REALLY want to spell it "bizzy") finding all the nooks and crannies and best places for our belongings. How well we remember the advise from the RV Rally in October and all the experienced full-timers "heavy stuff on the bottom, light stuff on the top - and don't forget to spread out the weight". Now for a "newby" the task of down-sizing is a lot to deal with, but add the "rules" and I find myself staring at the stuff, staring at the galley, staring at all the other cabinets that I have open so I can see what space is available. It ends up taking a lot of time, although I am sure the ritual of fore-thought will pay off in less moving of items later. ( I sure hope so anyway!) So after four days finding homes for almost everything, I still have a drawer in the bedroom, one and three quarters shelves in the galley and a lower shelf and seven overhead cupboards available. We don't think we will need much space for our important paperwork, but at least we still HAVE space!

As for all the systems....everything still seems to be working fine. I decided to try the oven - first for broiling and then baking. The broiling was a bit of an experience. The oven/range manual simply says to use a broiling pan for broiling meat..... I have never owned or used a gas oven, so common sense told me to put the rack as high as possible as heat rises; but how will that really work? Well the toast got nice and dry, but not broiled....duh... I finally asked some experienced rv campers and they told me to put the item to be broiled UNDER the flame on the bottom of the oven.....ok- that makes sense - silly me. I'm sure I will be trying it agaiin soon. As for the baking...all was fine until the fire alarm began screaming. I did not turn on the overhead vent or the fantastic fan before baking. Another lesson learned. Run the fans as soon as you turn on the oven!

It is STILL raining every day and rather cool for this time of year so by friday we were running out of clean clothes. So off to the laundrymat we went. I haven't had to do wash at the "mat" since 1993 with the exception of a sleeping bag or comforter every few years so this kind of felt like I had stepped back in time.

We knew that the wash would take thirty minutes so we went over to Oops City Market which is just kitty-corner from the mat to have a bite to eat and visit with friends. (this is where the guys gather each morning for coffee)

It was disappointing that the dryer's medium heat was almost no heat at all and neither of us had any idea just how much time it would actually take the clothes to dry so after every quarter (seven minutes) we would check them. Lesson learned there - put in three quarters (on High heat) and let it run...Then check 'em. Hopefully most laundrymat machines will be the same...only time will tell.

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