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Grizzly mom with cub

Geyser Basin

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Old Faithful

Absaroka Mountains

June 2

Yellowstone National Park

Bridge Bay Campground

June 3

Townsend, MT

Silos Townsend/Canyon Ferry Lake KOA

Yellowstone proved a disappointment to us because of the weather. We were going to spend 3 nights in the park but after 1-1/2 days of rain, clouds and 40 degree temps we decided we had enough. We saw the park three years ago which was a good thing because we didn’t see a lot this time around. We did see a mother grizzly with her cub. I think the humans provide more of a show than the animals. They are tripping over each other to get the best photo and some of these people have camera lenses at least a foot long. The park rangers are yelling at everyone to stay near their car and the bears just continue to walk around. We took a short hike up to see Old Faithful erupt.

Thursday morning we were the Griswolds (National Lampoon Vacation) by driving up to the view, jumping out, looking at it, and getting back in the car. No hiking for us today. Many of the roads were closed and there was quite a lot of snow in the park. At about 10:00 we decided we had enough and left to find our way to Glacier via Townsend, Montana.

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