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Having a celebratory drink at the airport

We think we are in New Mexico here

Califonia Mountains

Our flight here was painless. The line to get through security at the airport was fast and our plane even got to leave early!

The flight ended up taking a little under 4 hours and the turbulence wasn't too bad. We did get to see a rainbow from the sky but we were not quick enough to get the camera.

The mountains were beautiful from the plane. This makes us want to travel so much more!

Landing was the best ever, no 'slammin' to the ground! We got our luggage and made it to the rental car place and to our hotel in less than an hour. You can't beat that!

We haven't been able to see the view from our room yet... It's dark out so we get to wake up to it in the morning. We have a balcony that looks over the ocean.. Can't wait to see it!!

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