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Red Bay Inukshuk

L'Anse Au Clair, Labrador

St Andrews Anglican Church - L'Anse Au Clair

Drove to Red Bay, ate lunch, bought tee shirts for grandkids, and collected rocks. (Kids receiving postcards should note the postmark, not many people ever get to Labrador. There are no paved roads into the province, you have to come by boat or airplane.) Museums all closed for the season until after the first of June.

Found wifi at town hall. “CrazyGuyOnABike” (Jeff Kruys) was checking his e-mail. He’s been on the bike since 2006, we were within one day of him at Prince Rupert, BC on June 1, 2006. We also probably saw him in Nova Scotia or Newfoundland a few days ago. He has biked over 50,000 miles all over the Americas, sleeping beside the road in a tent. http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/jk

Learned about Inukshuk today. We had noticed human shaped cairns on trails and mountain tops. The Inuit build them in the wilderness to mark the path to safety, and symbolize friendship.

The Pinware River is impressive, a long stretch of very white water.

Drove back towards Blanc-Sablon. Linda stopped in West St Modeste to take pictures of icebergs and got a sample of Greenland (ice) to put in the freezer.

Saw common goldeneye (not very common), northern pintail, and red breasted mergansers.

Parked in front of the L'Anse Au Clair St Andrews Anglican Church, in Labrador. Walked on the beach – the sand appears pink. Back on more appropriate NFL time, just a few miles from Quebec.

Very glad we bothered to come to Labrador.

Trip Miles – 2149

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