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Renovation of 1820's cabin

Nice Cabin

Wild Sweet Peas

Madison Run

Wild Rose

Sassafras Tree - note the mitten leaf


Mountain Laurel

Diana Butterfly

It tickled!

Beautiful Virginia woods

Madison Run



Dung Beetle

We shared the trail with this gorgeous three year old.

Water lily from Marsha's garden pond

Brown's Gap Forest Service Road in the National Park Service goes back into the Virginia mountains for a long, long ways. No motorized vehicles allowed, but we did encounter a beautiful 3 year old horse and rider during our hike. We only walked maybe two miles back in, and it was a beautiful walk as it meandered along Madison Run in the lush Virginia woods.

For some reason every small bug within a mile or so decided to circle my head during our walk, which became quite uncomfortable for me and eventually shortened our walk. They weren't nearly as interested in the others, so after a while I headed back to the car by myself where I could escape the pesky little devils. We decided it was probably the bright red shirt that I was wearing.

I really love the Virginia and West Virginia mountains and plan to return there on a regular basis for the rest of my life. Fortunately Nancy also loves it there so this is something more that we can share going forward.

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