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Coyote at Rocky Mtn

Palmer Lake near Monument CO

Moose at Rocky Mtn

May 25

Monument, CO

Paula & Nick Primavera’s

Another nice day at Estes Park with nice weather. We again did some more hiking before heading off to our friend’s house in Monument. It’s amazing how fast the clouds come in and changing the whole feel of the day. The most exciting thing we saw on this hike was three coyotes walking by and then a little while later we came upon a mother moose and her twin calves. The moose were kind of hidden so the picture didn’t come out very good but we sure enjoyed watching them. This area of the park has mountain lions but unfortunately (or is it fortunately?) we did not see any.

After arriving at the Primavera’s we took a nice hike with Paula and Regina with views of Palmer Lake. Of course we huffed and puffed up some of the hills while they cruised up them but all in all we’re doing better with the elevation. We still have east coast lungs but can toughen it out to make it up some easy hills. Although in our defense both Paula and Regina have hiked mountains over 14,000 feet in elevation.

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