Terri & Niall's Moroccan Adventure travel blog

Touring van and the Two Mohameds: driver and guide

Tour group companion, Chantal: The Photographer

Tour group companion, Amanda: The Jewellery Designer

Hassan II Mosque interior, prayer hall

Niall in the mosque's hammam

Rabat: Outside a 14th century kasbah, Niall with African musician

Rabat: Entrance to Mohamed V Mausoleum

Rabat: Unfinished Hassan Tower

Rabat: View of kasbah wall

Inside the Kasbah Des Oudaias

Moor home walls; Kasbah Des Oudaias, Rabat

Outside Meknes Medina: Chantal, Terri, Niall

Meknes: Bab Mansour - Victory Gate

Meknes medina musicians

Tour group begins siteseeing: Drive along La Corniche, waterfront of Casablanca; Hassan II Mosque, world's 3rd largest mosque, largest mosque in Morocco, completed in 1989, but was inaugurated in 1993.

Rabat - Mausoleum of Mohamed V; Unfinished mosque and Hassan Tower; Kasbah Des Oudaias - Andalusian garden, Moor residential area (blue walls)

Meknes - Jewish Quarter,Bab Mansour, main square

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