Well this is our last morning in Hong Kong! Ollie is busily trying to pack in a way that allows us to toss out the now famous Shanghai suitcase. We have now purchased a new bag for $35.00 U.S. that promises to last at least until we get home. The excellenct saleman even held a lighter to it to show it would not burn. If we are caught in a fire, our stuff will be safe!!

Our tour last night was very nice. The harbour cruise gave us a good view of the city and the restaurant was located inside an area filled with seafood shops with all kinds of live fish, etc. just waiting to be bought for dinner. We saw some of the largest clams I'm ever seen. These I assume were dead, and laid out with their bodies looking like huge tongues sticking out.

Dinner was good. It was served family style at a round table with a lazy susan in the middle for the dishes. Exactly like most of the meals we have had for the entire trip. We were served shrimp,squid,fish(intact with head),oysters,sweet & sour pork, corn soup,rice with shrimp,& bok choy. The "walk of stars" was as I thought. Just like Hollywood. It was right on the water

and we had great views of the city after dark. The "Night Market" was not as good as the "Ladies Market" from yesterday. We gor back to the hotel at 10:30 p.m.

This will be our last entry until we get home. Once we are home, I will try to download some pictures and fill in some information that I missed along the way..........

See you soon!

Love.....Jean & Ollie

Lily, Gramma will give your hugs and kisses in person on the 14th!!!!!

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