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From the Front Door of Hotel

Amazing Golden Alter in Catedral de la Inmaculada ConcepciĆ³n (New Cathedral)

Catedral de la Inmaculada ConcepciĆ³n - Famous For 3 Giant Domes Covered...

Street Scene

Plaza With Cathedral of Immaculate Conception

Fine Architecture

Old Colonial Home We Went In

Got a Tour From Last Remaining Member of 190 Yr Old Family...

Bon & Dona Ceilia Turos Vazpino

Unbelieveable Stuff, Some 300 Yrs Old!

Unbelieveable Stuff, Some 300 Yrs Old!

Unbelieveable Stuff, Some 300 Yrs Old!

And Then There Are Those Homes Still Stuck in the Middle

Saw a Number of These Housetop 'Guardians'

Old Bridge to ???

Ancient Ruins in Middle of City

Ancient Ruins in Middle of City

Museum Tale of Shrunken Heads

Shrunken Head!

More About Beliefs

More About Beliefs

Great Architecture on Plaza

Paredes Roldan Famous Hat Factory & Museum

Famous Hat Factory

Famous Hat Factory

Check This Out! The People Fight Back Against Chevron!. Rumipamba is near Cuenca...check out the map.

Took off to bus station a bit late so as it turned out we ended up going to Riobamba via Ambato, same route we came and longer bus ride. Once in Riobamba only bus available to Cuenca did not lv til 1 pm!

Bus ride was long (til 7pm) but a cushy seat one, not chicken type. A taxi took us to an upscale(for us) Hotel Milan...priv bath w/ hot water, TV, and 2 sngl beds. Tired from all day on bus, tho good discussion w/ 2 PC volunteers (Georgia &Texas), working in Health Ed.

Countryside very Andian (see pics), high, curvey, and narrow roads, lots of indigenous folks.

Info on Cuenca


Got up and going a bit late...laid back day, had a bunch of catching up on internet, and finally getting email air ticket for Sunday, 30th to Galapagos. Walked around a bit in eve.


Really nice to have brkfst incl. at Hotel Milan, not a lot but good. Went out ckg the town and museums...Central Bank Museum and a home museum run by a lady, Ceilia Turos Vazpino, at 65 is living and taking care of the family home (been living there 60 yrs). The family home for over 190 years! Tin ceilings (orig paint) from Germany, lots of antique furniture and stuff (all at least 150 yrs old, some up to 300 yrs old) from Holland, France, Germany, England, and US (depression glass stuff)...really neat home (see pics).

Bank museum was very well done, but very little in English. Liked the indigenous section most. Later went to Panama Hat Museum and Paredes Roldan family factory for more than 60 years...make the best genuine "Panama Hats" anywhere. We watched them form them and some of the other techniques used w/ palm frond fibres to make lots of 'tourist' products as well. We decide to buy and send home - for T & T & B - they take care of all the details, we just pay, ha!

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