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Space pods on the beach


Dive bombing

An early start and we are off to the resort of Punta Sal - 3km of deserted sandy beach.

Along the way the disconcerting sight of huge turkey vultures, none more so than those hovering near the body of a presumed road accident victim. We seem to have been in Peru for weeks now and we are looking forward to crossing the border into Ecuador, not least to try and escape the curse of the stomach problems. I (Shar) seem to be in a minority of two out of the 25 fellow truckies who have managed to avoid problems, but there is a sense that luck cannot hold out indefinetly. All the books I have read about Peru have their authors sucumbing to severe illness...and unfortunately one of our crowd even ended up staying overnight in hospital.

Still the beach was fab...a hard day spent swinging in a hammock and then couldn't resist going for a horse ride along the beach at sunset on a manic horse that was frightened of plastic bottles and just about anything as far as I could tell...but great fun!

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