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Farmland of Perry, Florida

Ponies and Palmettos

This farm area is very Patriotic

Even the used car lot is patriotic

Still in the Apalachicola National Forest

. . . not sure what this is.

Ah Ha ! Orange groves at last.

. . . and a Palm Tree Nursery

Back in the National Forest

Cool shot of Spanish Moss and a blue pond

Well, maybe not everyone is patriotic. I thought only Georgia flew this...

We left the farmland of Perry seeng horses and National Forests on our southbound journey. There were more palmettos and finally Orange Groves as we approached the Tampa area. Sam & Carolyn are traveling with us today and arrived at the Brandon Elks shortly after we were finished setting up.

While in the lodge in the evening we were approached by a couple that recognized us from our 2006 trip. They are friends of the Elks in Pennsylvania that we camped with here in Brandon. They had just been looking at some photos from that time this morning (we are in some of them) and they recognized Lary. What a coincidence!

We are catching up and running errands, waiting for a part from Camping World before heading south.

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