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Charleville windmill built by first ever Stormco team which was from BAC

The Boys

the Boys having a snack in Quilpie

another day another breakdown

a view out the window

we pulled right off the road for this one!

couple of chaps sitting under a bottle tree in Windorah

all we could see of the troopie once it hit the Birdsville...

another view out the window

a toilet in the middle of nowhere

the only way to stop Reg walking around in bare feet -...

haystacks for tea at our riverside camp near Birdsville

Day 2: Charleville to Birdsville. Kilometers = 844/roadkill = 3/arguments = 0/breakdowns = 2. Up before dawn. Quiet night except for airconditioners and the sound of zippers. Freezing! Had a quick walk around Charleville; wanted to find the windmill built by the BAC kids (eg., Belinda Irving) on the first ever Stormco trip. It's still standing in the town park but the plaque has gone. Lovely old buildings: pub 1924, town hall 1926. Typical Aussie town really! Left Charleville 7:45am with John chomping at the bit to get going. Lovely drive first up: black road, red soil, olive coloured trees, deep blue cloudy skies. Had fantastic cloud formations all day - I kept hanging out the window taking photos of the sky. Drove past a dead pig which brought out the puns - kept the boys amused for hours trying to out do each other. Drastic road change after Quilpie to one lane; perfectly alright except when a road train came past - such terrifying beasts; they roar past with nary a thought for anyone else on the road. During car repair number 2 I meandered around the scrub: dry cracked ground, low flowering shrubs, scrappy trees. Worst site for the day was seeing 3 dingo bodies hanging on a town sign - ewwww! Driving through the Cooper Creek Channel country was beautiful - so green and lush. Bit of a rollercoaster drive though. And our windscreens were attacked by kamikaze grasshoppers; their little splatted bodies making it difficult to see. Diesel in Windorah 148.9 (put that in for the male readers - they seem to be interested in such things). Once we hit the Birdsville Development road we could no longer see John and Lee in the troopie because of the dust (and the cracking pace they were setting). Fortunately the road had recently been graded - I guess because of the recent flooding. One dramatic image from the day: huge sweeping plain, blue clouded sky and one lone bull lording it over his territory. Unusual sight of the day was of two people walking the dirt road pulling trolleys breathing everyone's dust. They were heading to Birdsville. A toilet on a raised mound in the middle of nowhere was also most unusual so had to be inspected by the blokes. All except Reg, who strangely, wasn't wearing any shoes so couldn't get out due to the ground being covered in deadly prickle bushes. The road kept changing from deep red dirt to white dirt. We camped for the night beside the Diamantina River under willows and other unknown species of trees. It was just us. Had a campfire to eat our dinner by - ah the serenity. Surprisingly had Optus phone coverage but no Telstra. Take care. Love, Carol

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