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Campsite at Ft. Kearny

May 21

Kearny Nebraska

Ft. Kearny State Recreational Area

This is our first time in Nebraska. Through the miles and miles of flat land we didn’t see many exciting features but did stay at a nice park called Fort Kearny State Recreational Area. The area had seven lakes if you call them that. You could throw a stone across and hit land in any direction. We were able to go for a little hike down an old railroad bed. It was good to get out and stretch our legs some. The weather was nice and we did sit outside for a while to soak up some sun. During the evening we did have to go inside and close the windows. If you remember all the flat land I mentioned--it is farm land and they must have manured every square inch of it upon our arrival. Not a pleasant smell to say the least. We walked thru Fort Kearny state historical park which was interesting. This was a military post in the 1800s. It was the first fort built to protect travelers on the Oregon Trail.

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