Canning Stock Route Trek 2010 travel blog

crossing Cooper Creek

Dingoes hanging from a sign

Quilpie and the Bulloo Rivercrossing

On the Birdsville Developmental Road

Solar collectors at Windorah

We left our campground in Charleville at 7.45am this morning. Our route took us to Quilpie, Windorah and then to Birdsville, a total of 844 km. At Quilpie we stopped to examine their solar generating station, a first for Queensland. The five solar collectors generate enough power in a year to save the use of 100,000 litres of diesel. After Quilpie the road narrowed to single lane bitumen. This caused problems when approaching road trains as you have to move over to let them pass and some of the verge areas are very rough. Near the turnoff to Clifton Station someone had hung three dead dingoes from a sign – perhaps a warning for other dingoes to stay away. Past Windorah we hit the dirt after about 60 kms. The actual dirt road was very good and we were able to sit on 100 Kph very comfortably. We made Birdsville on sunset (now around 6pm) and found a nice bush campsite on the banks of Cooper Creek about 2 Km out of town. The countryside around here is amazingly green after all the rains. The petrol station manager at Windorah told us they have had over 400mm of rain so far this year. The rains have greened everything up and there is an abundance of bird life around. Tomorrow we start down the Birdsville track, which is exciting as it is a route I have not taken before.

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