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Up early this morning for the free breakfast then off to the Haig Sophia Church/Mosque. It was a church built in 550AD and then when the Ottomans took over in 1400's it was converted to a Mosque. It is the third biggest dome on a church in the world behind St Peters and St Pauls. Then we went to teh Topakali Palace (where the sultans lived) it was amazing a huge complex and some of there jewels where unberliavable. They had a 86 carrot dimand and also had the arm and skull of John the Baptist.

After we went and relaxed for a bit and had some lunch it was of to the Grand Bazar this time with out a hangover and ready to shop. two hours later and after spending all my money I had bought some shoes, jeans, a jacket, a bag and some old turkish notes all for half the price they first tell you. I loved it it was so much fun. Then we went to the spice amrket to get soem apple tea (I think iam addicted) and a turkish tea set.

Back tot he hostel to have some dinner and get ready to celebrate our last night "on tour" before we go back to London and back to "normal".

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