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We got up packed out bags and headed down stairs to check out by 10.30am. Andrew had been up most of the night visiting the toilet so he was tired and stayed in the loby of the hostel till our bus came at 11.30am. - On Monday night there where some actors celebrating the last night of a play they had been performing for the last few weeks about the gollipoli battle. They where sitting near us and singing and started making this meat dish. It was lamb mince and spices and lemon juice. They just kept kneeding the mince for like 40 = 50 min. (I have recently learned thanks Ryan that Lemon juice and friction can cook things like meat and fish. Not cook cook but cooked to a degree.) Anyway they wanted us to try it I had a little mouth full and then discreatly threw out the rest. Then got rid of the second one they gave me the same way. Andrew said " I love this stuff its traditional food you should eat it." Well almost exactly 24 hours later Andrew paid the price. And Cameron was fine.

Anyway after a visit to the chemist he was feeling better.

5 hour bus trip on the best bus we had been on the whole trip. Then we walked down through all the "hello aussie" and "you need a room" to the hostel we wanted to stay at. After we setled in and walked around a bit it was off to McDonalds for some "safe" food for Andrew.

Early night in reading my third book.

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