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Clean cars, clean people - this will not last!

John and Lee savouring the delights of maccas for the last time

Breakdown number 1

John and Lee getting sustanence whilst offering suggestions

typical scenery of the day - what remains after wheat harvest

Lee straddling the train line to get a great shot

one of the many road trains we passed - smelly things

driving into the afternoon haze - the sunlit grasses were beautiful

sunset reflected on our bonnet

first night set-up at Charleville caravan park

Day 1 report: Kilometres - 760 roadkill - 0 (but some kangaroos and wedge-tailed eagles came close!) breakdowns - 1 arguments 0 Not a bad first day really. As I write this all are in bed snoring except John who is reading and keeping me company. It was a truly glorious day for travelling - clear blue skies, and warm (until the sun set then the chill set in). The countryside changed dramatically: fields of cotton, wheat, sorghum, cattle and sheep paddocks, cyprus trees and prickly pear. For the last hour before arriving in Charleville we didn't pass another vehicle which was pleasant after all the road trains. The breakdown didn't delay us for too long - the men have every tool imaginable and numerous spare parts! For the mechanically minded it was something to do with a pulley. Does that help? The blokes were all very helpful with the food and washing up - may it continue. And Marj, I made Reg wash his feet before going to bed! My favourite time of day was the hour or so before sunset - the golden glow on the grasses (after all the rain there is so much fodder around) and trees was just magical. Can't believe our adventure has already begun! And it has been most pleasant thus far. Wonder what adventures tomorrow holds for us. Take care everyone. Love Carol

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