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Did the usual this morning got up, got ready, checked out, locked my bags up and walked to a bus stop. We were going back to Rodeo Drive.

We got the bus straight up Beverly Blvd and got off at the Beverly Hills sign, which we took our photo with of course.

We walked down to Rodeo Drive and did the touristy thing taking photos of shops we can't afford to shop in. I had my photo with the Jimmy Choo shop and Bek had hers with the Prada dummy. Lexie I have photos of the hotel from Pretty Woman (her favourite movie growing up).

With a Greyhound to catch at 2:00pm and unable to buy anything we walked back to the bus stop. We had just under half an hour to kill at the hostel before we needed to collect our luggage and leave.

We got back in time to say goodbye to Tyson and wish him a safe journey, he is "testing life" as he put it so needs all the safe wishes he can get.

At the Greyhound we realised that our 2:00pm bus only took us to L.A. then we had an hour layover, oh well gave me some more reading time.

We arrived in San Diego at about 6:30pm. The hostel was in walking distance, but we walked the wrong way. They have Market St and West Market Street and from 101 the numbers increase in both directions, we went the wrong way (it is confusing though).

After check in, not being bothered to cook we got Pizza Hut. We finally found a grocery store, it's the first one we've seen since arriving in America. We got some pasta for the next few nights.

Back at the hostel we looked at flights from L.A. to Miami. I found a good deal and booked it. I opened my diary to write the details down and realised I booked the wrong date, awesome. I felt sick in the stomach and was stressed out trying to figure out what to do.

I logged back onto the website to see my payment had been denied due to insufficient funds, I knew I needed to transfer more money but I didn't think I would have to do it yet.

I logged on to check my bank details and it turns out there was a mix up at the last hostel and my card was charged twice, normally I would be angry but it stopped my flight from being processed.

So I'm hoping I'll get an email tomorrow saying my flight has not been booked and then I will ring the hostel to tell them I've been overcharged.

But now I'm off to bed that was to many emotions for me all at once - stress, anger, relief, hope ahhh I need to cry. I hope things work out tomorrow. 

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