Slept late again this morning. Felt so good to sleep on a soft bed! The bed in this hotel is actually soft. All the beds in every place we have been up til this one were rock hard. In Tibet they had two extra comforters in the room, so we slept on one to make it a little softer. Maybe the bed here isn't soft at all, maybe we just got used to hard beds! Also I don't think I have mentioned the bathroom situation in China. All of our rooms had western bathrooms, but especially at the start of our trip, the bathrooms in all the restaurants, service stations, etc. were squats. All of us girls quickly spread the word if we found a western toilet. The absolute worst was at the "Great Wall". It smelled to high heaven. Also one gas station had lines for the toilet and one old lady found a plastic pot with a handle on it and dropped her pants and peed in it. What a shock for us poor spoiled Americans.

Something else I wanted to share with you but forgot about until now. When we were in Shanghai right around the corner from our hotel there was a small park. In the mornings there were tons of senior citizens doing there morning exercises. Some were in groups, some individuals. One group were womens with fans dancing to music. Some groups were doing traditional tai chi, one group was playing cowboy western music and dancing together. Also the people bring their caged birds and hang them in the trees. I was such a neat experience seeing all the people and hearing the birds singing in the trees. One old man was walking and he would pass us. The first time he passed, he said Germany, I said no, America. The next time we passed him he said with a big smile, USA!! What a cutie.

Parks are very important to the Chinese, especially in the cities where they live in high-rises. If they are not rich, and connot afford to join a health club, they must us the parks to exercise. All the Chinese seem to do exercises. Not like us lazy Americans.

Here's something about the high-rises. In all the cities we were in, you would see some sort of device outside the window used as a clothes line. In most cities it is a very large rectangular metal pole suspended by cables from each balcony. In Shanghai there were even people who hung their laundry on the street level from ropes between poles or trees or whatever. I guess there is some unspoken rule that you do not mess with another persons belongings. You would see bras & panties right along with the shirts and pants.

Gotta go for now.

Love....Jean and Ollie

Smother Lily in Hugs and Kisses and tell her Gramma will be home very soon!!

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