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Miss Jasmine found a new use for her new Dora underwear!

Checking things out on papa's phone...

Lookin' at me?

All tuckered out...

Larry is supposed to be cooking!!!

Aunt Bonnie on Mother's Day sharing her photos with Jazzy...

Hey daddy, can I play too?

You don't really need this ball, do you????

Aunt Cindy, helping Jazzy to feed the fish...

Ok Aunt Cindy, you do the rest and we'll just watch! And...

Hey daddy, what's up? I love you!

A present for me Uncle Dick?

A Rolex, thank you!

This is our 'let's see how long we can hold it' kiss..oh,...

Uncle Billy, you got cool stuff!

I especially like this bag, lol!

Mother's Day presents for me, thanks guys!

Time for a swing...

Niece Ashley with hubby Jared, cute couple!

Happy Birthday to you!!!!

The pictures today are of several days events. Dick & Lou were over for a BBQ their 2nd night in town. After dinner we played hand & foot (our favorite card game, similar to canasta) six handed. That was a first for us and it was a lot of fun. Women against the men. You can probably figure out who won on your own??? LOL

A few days later we enjoyed a nice dinner with Larry & Tawnia at Sharon's new home. (Sharon is Tawnia's mom). The highlight of the evening was sharing son Jim's TV fishing DVD with them. Jim sent us a compilation of the shows aired to date. Grandson Ryan is in a couple of them as well.

For any new readers, Jim lives in Anchorage but has been a guide on the Kenai River, out of Soldotna, Alaska, for many years. Our grandson Ryan attends college in Oregon in the fall, but hustles to Alaska every summer to work with his dad.

Jim has been asked to participate in several more TV shows and of course, is thrilled. Not to brag 'too much', but our son is thought by many to be the best guide on the Kenai River. Of course we absolutely think so! On my 49th birthday he helped me land a HUGE King salmon. He has filmed 3 TV shows to date shown on the ESPN Outdoor network. A couple were shot with Trevor Gowdy fishing for king salmon. Some of you will probably remember Curt Gowdy, his father. I watched him many times in my younger days! Below there is a link to a Youtube video showing a portion of the show shot last year in June 2009, for the Alan Warren Outdoors TV Show. In it, you'll see Greg Flake catch a beautiful rainbow trout. It's just over 4 minutes, not too long. Enjoy!

And finally, we've had 3 birthdays recently. Due to conflicting schedules all of the individual celebrations were postponed for one reason or another. So, we celebrated those and Mother's Day as well last Saturday. We had a great day! Yesterday was spent running errands and tying up loose ends. I can't believe our time here is over so quickly. We'll finish things up today with one final dinner together tonight and hit the road in the morning after Larry's final dental appointment. They've had a bit of snow in Ely the past couple of days but it's supposed to be gone by the end of the week. I hope so. We want to spend a couple of weeks with mom & dad before heading to South Dakota. One last note, today is son Don's 49th birthday. Happy Birthday Don, we love you!!!

Kenai Trout

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