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Things do change in a blink of an eye. Ellie had medical problems, the night of the 12th & had to be admitted to Entabeni Hospital, April 13 (just after midnight of the 12th) & I had to remain on board the Seven Seas Voyager to Cape Town. Let me explain. Our scheduled appointment in Cape Town never materialized because Ellie suffered acute kidney failure after we set sail from Durban. She had to be Heli-vaced from the ship (having set sail 3 hrs out of the port of Durban) because of the acute danger of loosing her life. I could not go because of the number of people on the helicopter & the weight. I will say the quick action by the ship's doctor & Captain Dag in recognizing a life threatening situation, probably saved Ellie's life and presented life experiences that I hope fellow travelers can learn from.

I will enter some things that are important to the travels of World travelers, vacationers and travelers in general but know that having medical evacuation insurance (we have Medjet) & travel insurance is essential in traveling abroad because without those 2 policies your lives can be totally ruined or changed enough for one of you to possibly not come home because of the lack of planning for the possibility of a worst case scenario.

It is now May 10th & Ellie is much better than the night she was evacuated from the ship to the hospital she stayed in for almost 3 weeks. She is now home in her hospital & recovering slowly but is because of our planning for a possibility of this happening & taking actions (we have for years) for preservation of our sanity & well being(s) in a stressful time such as this. I will enter more about some of the things that got her back home but I will post photos I took of the Cape Town harbor while waiting for a flight back to Durban, South Africa & the finish to the story of our Bonus World Cruise. And that is another story to add to our "Bonus World Cruise."

"Our World, Our Way, No Regrets!"

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