Winter 2009-2010 travel blog

AH! We are home to our 2 RV lot. Sorry we didn’t take any pictures in CA. We left the camera in the truck and remembered it just after we left.

We left CA around 10 and headed down I-8. Stopped at the Denny’s in El Centro as I was starving. I love their ½ salad with cranberries, pecans and chicken. Then we headed to the Yuma Wal*Mart. It is almost like home as we have shopped there so often. We picked up the things we forgot to get when in CA. Touch lights for over our bed, mattress cover, and milk and OJ. After that it was a straight shot up 95 to Q and home.

The RVs were hot but soon cooled down once we turned on the air. I got mostly unpacked and we hit the hay early.

Now the fun begins. This week is the get serious week of packing. I need to go thru the Big RV and get everything I need into this small one. Then I need to clean it up. I want to wash down the woodwork so I can wax it for the summer. I also have to measure and cut the silver insulating material for the windows and get that installed. (Maybe I will "assign" that to Ron?)

Then I have to stow all the stuff I take out of the Big RV into the little one for travel this summer. AND . . . the shed needs a lot of re-arranging. So I don’t think I will be doing much sitting this week.

We also want to go down to Los Algodones to get glasses. Yeah, I know, we’ve been sitting here for 6 months – so why now when we are trying to get ready for the road. Just ‘cause. We never do anything when we should. We put it off until we are in a time crunch – and then hurry.

So that’s the plan. We will see. It seems that when we have a plan – the universe smiles and says – Oh No! That is NOT what is in store for you. So we will see what happens.

Hope you have a good week. Did you tell your Mother “Happy Mother’s day”? You better go do that. See you on Thursday with an update of how much we have gotten done.

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