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Got up really early today like 6am, I had to catch the 7am ferry across from Eceabat to Canakale to go on my tour of Troy.

Found the office where the tour was to start and I was about 20 min early so I waited and talked to the tour leader who was a FEZ guy. The ones who our anzac day tour was with.

We got to Troy and our guide explaned that there are 9 different Troys. All built on top of each other. The one that is linked to Hommers Poem is the 6th Troy. But they don't beleive that the peom is true. They know that there was a war that lasted 10 years but they think it might of been over the fertile land that surounds Troy, and the large sums of money that Troy charged for ships to stay in the harbour till the wind changed.

The site is not excavated very well, and when the Gernman man discovered it he dug a trench through it all not knowing that there where 9 Troy's and destroyed some of it in the process. He did find some Gold treasure though and smuggled it out of Turkey to Greece and then Berlin, but when Russia made it to Berlin in WW2 they stole it and now there is a big custody fight over the gold jewels.

Back to the Hostel and had a good sleep and got ready to leave the next day.

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