Hong Kong May 11th 10:40 p.m.

Wow! Two emails in one day. This morning we walked around and just scoped out where we were located. Managed to get a little lost, but finally found out way. We are right in the middle of everything! Hong Kong is going all the time. Tons of people going every which way. Also the traffic is like Australia, they drive on the opposite side of the road.

We now realize we should have done our shopping in China. Hong Kong imports all of it's goods so they are higher priced. We took a tour around the city this afternoon and got back to our hotel about 8 p.m. After a short rest, we went out to dinner and then shopped a little. Bought another suitcase. The suitcase we bought in Shanghai had to be strapped in the airport. Not only did the handle start to break off, the wheels also had broken off by the time it was brought inside the airport. Paid a little more for the new suitcase, but it is sturdier and hopefully will hold up for at least the trip home.

Forgot to tell you that when we went to the Shanghai airport, at the suggestion of one of our group members, we traveled on a new high technology train called the Shanghai Maglev Train. It uses reverse magnet polarity to raise the train a small distance off the rail. It travels at amazing speeds. We got up to 431 kilometers per hour. Raj says that converts to about 250 miles per hour. It only took 7 minutes to get to the airport. I only cost 50 juan. Wow, what an experience.

Tomorrow we are planning to go to the Ladies Market in the early afternoon. Thought we would be going tonight but our feet thought otherwise. At about 5 p.m. we are being picked up to go on a seafood dinner sunset cruise on Victoria Harbour. The evening ends at the "Night Market". Should be a nice way to end our trip to Hong Kong.

Well Ollie just turned out her bed light, so I guess I'll close.

Love to All......Jean & Ollie

....Kisses & Hugs to Lily!!!....See you soon...

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