2010, The Year of Mini/Many Trips travel blog

Yeah! Yeah! I know the date on this posting says April 26th.

And you're getting this update notice in early May.

I've been busy.

But here's my wrap up and, mostly, I've posted photos. So be sure to go back to all the Hawaii postings and enjoy the view.

This trip was hard. If you've been following my travel blogs for a few years, you know how much fun we have on our travels. We absolutely love to travel and I get very excited about all the new places and experiences.

But pain is a huge bummer. And this year, beginning with the Sedona trip, the darn leg pain has just not let up. It really does affect one's perception of the quality of one's life, doesn't it?

Anyway, I'm working on getting this taken care of soon because we have a WONDERFUL trip coming up at the end of July and I fully intend to be fully present.

So, go back and enjoy the photos.

I'll be baaaaaack!

Oh, darn, I almost forgot to tell you!! Remember that sweet little penny machine in the casino that coughed up $46 during the cruise? Well, it coughed up $50 on the last night.

Now, that's one heckuva nice way to end a cruise!

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