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Bottle Trees in this yard

Unusual shaped bottle tree

the trees had different toppers

Llano Texas

Old 1800s buildings

"The way Texas used to be"

Llano courthouse built 1892

Memorial to "Our Confederate Dead"

Llano's WWII memorial with names of town members

Old jailhouse

Indian Blanket flowers by the river

Prickly White Poppies

Brown Bitterweed

Bridge over Llano River

Larry checking out the river and snapping photos

Llano's 1888 Granite Industry

Different types of granite slabs

Beautiful downtown Llano

Downstream Llano River

Fishing along the dam

Colorful scenic drive

Texas roadside colors

Lovely hills

Crossing another section of Sandy Creek, this time with water

The wildflower gives names to many businesses

Passing through Marble Falls

Lower Colorado River

A mix of colors along the rural road

More Indian Blanket flowers

Arriving back at the kiosk of Black Rock and the lake

Boaters on Buchanan Lake

Does anyone see a trailer? I don't see a trailer. . .

Great Tailed Grackle like we also see in Arizona

One of many butterflies on the Texas Paintbrush


I couldn't find the name of this pretty flower

. . . nor the name of this delicate purple one.

My bouquet of wildflowers I collected walking around the park.

Today we took a driving tour of the surrounding area. We first stopped to look at a private home that had bottle trees in their yard, but had signs saying "no photos". I stayed in the parking lot next door and snapped a couple because it was so unique.

Then we stopped in Llano and viewed the memorials around their 1892 courthouse, visited the old jailhouse, walked down by the Llano River that was decorated with wildflowers, and found a memorial to the Granite Industry of the area. It had several huge pieces of granite showing the different types.

As we crossed the Llano River we noticed it had a short waterfall on the upstream side of the bridge and people were fishing along the dam.

As we drove the loop of the scenic drive around through Marble Falls the area was filled with Blue Bonnets and other wildflowers. There were so many people stopped along the side of the road snapping photos. It was a lovely driving tour.

A little information on Llano:

Situated in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Llano, elevation 1,040 ft., has a mild climate with relatively few winter days in which the temperature reaches below freezing. It almost never snows in winter; it's too sunny! The temperature on the hottest summer days is just over 100F. There are extended periods of spring and fall, where the temperature stays in the 60's and 70's. Average high temperature in the coldest month (January) is 64F, and in the hottest month (July) is 85F. Average relative humidity is 56%. Average rainfall is 26". Llano is a city of beautiful clear blue skies, clean air, and clean spring-fed water from the Llano River. In Llano at night ... the stars are truly big and bright! (Only problem is the closest WalMart is about 25 miles away.)

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