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A message for the entire community to see

Just a small sample of the guests -just getting started

End of party fun with friends

Sandra, Roger and Larene Morley

The approach into the fire station

OK, we are in place

Our 1st visitors: daughter Lisa, Soon to be son in law Jason...

visitor #2, Linda Henderson

Oop Johnson

Doug McFall

Well, here we are...Officially Retired!

On Wednesday, the 28th, the office had a very nice pot-luck lunch for us and presented us with a nice camping table and a large two-piece thermal shopping bag filled with goodies. Each item was labelled with a clever saying. Most employees held their composure, but a few shed some tears.

The 29th was spent trying to get as much clean-up done as we could, which was difficult with well-wishers' personal visits and phone calls - and Rick having to run home to meet the garage door and well company techs. A week earlier a garage door decided to stop working and the water pressure was so poor we had no choice but to call for analysis. We anticipated the garage door to be something fairly simple, but as for the water problem, we were simply crossing our fingers that we would (worse-case-scenario) have to replace the pressure tank. Au-contraire! The well pump had failed and had to be replaced! AARG! ....well, the folks that bought the house saw running water and working garage doors...we wouldn't think of NOT fixing them. The home is only five years old and this will be the third well pump so the well company is going to try to get it covered on warranty.....cross your fingers for us. Oh addition to those two items, thursday evening we came home to a piece of siding on the front lawn. The wind has been blowing at 30-45 miles per hours for nine days now and the strip of siding finally gave up to the wind. Our future son-in-law has offered his assistance to fix that as he has some experience doing siding...thank goodness.

Friday, the 30th was not as productive at the office as we needed it to be, but it was a very good day. At five minutes to five we left to go get our dog (Anna)from day-care and get to the retirement party at the Best Western Sawtooth Inn in Jerome.

The number of friends and business associates that showed up for the party was impressive. We were both on our feet receiving one friend after the other from the moment we got there until they finally got everyone's attention to formally welcome them and give the touching speeches. Thanks Tom and Larry. (That included Rick and I having to say a few words). The food was wonderful and smiles and hugs even better.

The function was scheduled for five to seven pm....we left at ten thirty. But oh, was it fun! Only in Jerome could we continue the party with instructions from the staff to make sure the doors were locked and certain lights were turned off when we left.

Saturday morning we got up and headed to Bish's to go through our orientation on the 5th wheel and bring it home. We arrived at ten a.m. and pulled out at about two fifteen. Trying everything out was a good thing to do as the generator wasn't working. Once they replaced the propane regulator it worked just fine.

The trip down Blue Lakes Blvd and pulling into the fire station (our new home's location) wasn't as difficult as we thought and setting up was much easier than we had anticipated. We only had to call the dealership one time to ask about the remote. (we had the button-pressing-sequence wrong).

Our first official visitors were daughter Lisa, Jason and Jamison. Lisa and Jason needed Jamison to stay with us for a few hours, so we finished up at the fire station just as Jamison caught the first bug of the day. He remembered to bring his bug-catching container this visit.

Once we got back to the home we don't own anymore, there came more bug catching. We had been saving, for Jamison, one black widow discovered while removing a bed from the guest room where Laura last stayed. Now we see two black widows and one common brown spider in the "bug catcher". All three of us were hungry as we hadn't eaten since breakfast so it was decided that we would stop at McDonald's and then go to the performance of "The Music Man" put on by the high school drama students. They did a terrific job! Jamison was amazed and totally captured by the story and actors. His mom and Jason were there to greet us on our way out of the auditorium, but Jamison refused to leave until he showed his spiders to the lead actor, Michael Rexroat. -Yes, he brought the "bug catcher" to the show.- Grandpa asked that he put the bucket in a gift bag to eliminate histeria should someone that can't handle aracnids see the contents. All was well once he found Michael and had his breif, but so important conversation with him.

And finally, today we returned to the fire station with a few items for the coach. Before we were there very long we received our second visitor, my very dear friend, Linda Henderson. A few minutes after her departure came Oop Johnson, and while he was there Sheriff Doug McFall stopped by to see our new digs.

Tomorrow I stay home and Rick will go to the office to find homes for the last few files and groups of important papers that we couldn't get to friday afternoon. And Adventure 2010 truely begins in earnest!

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