Larry & Lee Ann's Journey travel blog

A nice travel day to Vegas...

Jasmine & Papa...

Thanks for dinner sis, it was delish!

Ok grandma, I'm saying cheese, ok????

Having so much fun playing with my Aunt Bonnie and Lexie too!

Just a short one to let you all know that we have arrived in Vegas safely. It was an uneventful trip with light traffic and clear skies. We passed a few bikes heading in to Laughlin while we were leaving and frankly, were glad to leave the heavy crowds behind. It's been unbelievably windy since we arrived and last night it was quite cool. Though we see that many of our family and friends are still being hit with rain and even snow, so we're certainly not complaining very loudly!

Larry has had some tooth pain for several days so he had a first appointment with his dentist yesterday. He is having an extraction on Monday morning. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and Onyx has an appointment with the vet and her groomer next week. So we're all in that 'take care of ourselves' mode for the next week at least. Ughhh, I hate this part of our visits here.

On the other hand, it's nice to see everyone again. Larry, Tawnia and Miss Jasmine came over for dinner and a visit last night. Bonnie prepared her awesome spaghetti, salad and bread for a terrific meal. Miss Jasmine is growing and changing daily. She'll be two soon but so far appears to have alluded 'those terrible two's'. We'll see if that stays true shortly, lol!

We're on our way out the door to pick up a few needed groceries and perhaps a quick visit to Costco so talk to you again soon...thanks for stopping by.

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