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Mallorca is a very airy, new clean city which appears to have lots of money - the marina is a prime example of richness with its beautiful, large yachts. Nice weather, wide palm and tree lined streets and designer shops mixed with the quaint marketlike stores. We lunched in a mall with a fountain and lined with palms and trees and watched the colouful and varied types of people pass us by. The large cathedral was very impressive with horse drawn carts (owned by gypsies, we think), artists selling paintings of Mallorca (of which we bought two-one for Tanny) and caricatures, and mime artistis galore.

We loved this city and talked of the need to stay in some of these places so we can explore outside the city limits.


The beautiful scenery, mild climate and the copious amounts of accommodation make Palma a paradise for tourists from all over the world. Situated on the shore of the South West Coast of the island, Palma City can be found in the cnetre of the wide bay. This is a strategic point in the Wast Mediterranean Sea. Walking in the city you will see secluded spots as well as crowded touristic districts. These districts accentuate the importance of the commercial activities of the city. Walking along the old wall of Palma, you will see how the old streets and vacant areas have made way for the new avenues, without jeopardizing the charm of the city. Palma is a city made up of many different quarters, the most fascinating of thes being the 'Quartiere Portella', which is situated behind the cathedral. From this area you can admire the unique Arabian monuments unique to Palma eg the 'low arcs and corinte columns; as well as the beautiful staircase which leads up to the first floor of the house where you will find another mythologically designed staircase.

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