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Sunday 25th

Well we drove into Hollywood Ca today. We walked the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Blvd. with all the stars on the sidewalks. It was pretty cool. We did both sides of the street. We then went into the Kodak Building which is really a mall. It is 5 stories high and is in a circle. The outside of each floor has a court and you can sit around it and look out or down depending on what floor you are on. The fifth floor gave us the view of the Hollywood sign on the mountain but we had to leave it because it was under repair so the guard said. So we went to the fourth floor and took the pics. Looking down into the center of the building you can see all the tables and different kinds of stores that are there. Pretty cool. We left there and came upon the Walk of Cement with the actors and actress foot and hand print and the date they did it. Regretfully I couldn't take all of them or I would run out of room on the camera and Rick would be upset with me. HA HA Well I did get some. Hope you enjoy as much as us. We then drove up to the scenic site and took a few shots of Hollywood at dusk. We then drove down again into town and found Sunset Blvd and Mel Dinner on Highland Blvd. It actually looks like Mel's diner in the old program Mel's Diner. We found Santa Monica Blvd. It is just as busy as if we were in New York City. It was getting late so we headed back to camp.

Monday 26th

We left today for Bass Lake so the pics you will see will include Hollywood and our trip here. So far it has been a good trip over here to Base Lake. Not to bad of a campground. Rick was going to go swimming so he took a pic of the duck that beat him in the pool. Will send some updates soon. Missing you all.

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