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Goat ranches along Goat Creek Road.

This was the more shallow water crossing the road - see the...

Buckhorn Lake resort

Our resort

Welcome Freightliner RV Haulers Club

I don't think this was a functioning windmill

The skies darkened and the winds picked up

At sunset it looked the blackest

Our rig with the flags

View down the row from us

View up the row from us

Down another row of Freightliners

Texas cut pork chop

Old country band "Night Shift" entertains us the last night

Landscaped waterfall

Lovely landscape as we walked the park

Buckhorn Lake

Cute BBQ patio

Oil pan stools and bucket lights above

The cooking area

Part of tonights dinner slowly smoking away - mmmm, yum

Our neighbor's CUSTOM V-8 motorcycle

Our neighbor's other bike, his wife's over 500 hp trike.

Cute sign on truck - "My girlfriend loves my big sexy truck"

Rustic house and cactus across the street

Local wildflowers


Wildflowers - Texas Paintbrush




Old rustic ranch house in "Hill Country"

This guy looked like he was the "boss"

The goats also had a donkey friend

Our "check in" photo for the Rally in front of the "Barn"

Camraderie at dinner

A little bit of line dancing

The ladies held a "Red Hat" luncheon

On Sunday the 18th we relocated from the Kerrville Elks to Buckhorn Lake RV Resort, also in Kerrville. This is called "Hill Country" for a very good reason - very hilly with water runoff creating creeks and small lakes. Since it had been raining there are places along the roads where water crosses. They usually have a marking stick to show how high the water is across the road. We experienced it when we came in, and again on Sunday as we changed campgrounds.

We traveled along Goat Creek Road, which runs next to Goat Creek, which happens to have some ranches with many goats as you will see in the photos.

This Freightliner RV Haulers Club Rally is a little smaller than the one we attended in 2008. In Benson, AZ 2008 there were 58 big trucks attending, this week was only 38. However, it is still very impressive to see this many Freightliners in a resort at one time. We were the only Alpenlite and Teton & Carriage were very well represented.

We had group breakfasts and a few dinners and several lectures and demonstrations. There was a Ladies Luncheon presented as a RED HAT function that was fun. Larry particpated in the Open Forum on Trucks and a lecture on RV weight & Tire Safety. There were crafts and line dancing (just a few of us) and lots of camraderie & socializing.

The RV Resort, Buckhorn Lake, was lovely - even had it's own little lake. Their clubhouse where we met for everything also had a out door BBQ-eating facility decorated in a very antique gas station theme. One night's dinner was slow cooked outside making our mouths water all day smelling the Brisket & Chicken cooking. They both just melted in your mouth.

The last evening's dinner was a catered "Texas Cut Pork Chop" dinner. We didn't know what to expect by that description, but as you can see in the photo, Texas Cut means very LARGE.

We had a couple nights of a thunderstorm passing over but avoiding us. The skies were really black and looked very ominus, especially at sunset where we had a slice of sky showing below the black layer of clouds. One afternoon I walked the perimeter of the resort and across the street where the goat ranch was to snap photos of the wildflowers. Texas sure has a lot of wildflowers, an amazing display of color.

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