On The Way to Alaska with John & Bev in 2010 travel blog

On our way north on CA 101 we passed a field of...

Passed more vineyards

Blaze loved the dog run area in the RV park

He ran hard and headed for some shade to catch his breath

Passed this in the agricultural area (don't know what was growing under...

Our first stop was at Moss Landing Harbor

First site of Pacific Ocean and the Montery Bay area

Stopped at Fisherman's Wharf and watched the surfers

Some kind of fishing boat at the pier

At Cannery Row the buildings are now used as shops and hotels

This building had several shops

Driving along the beach road in Montery

Another view along the beach road

A Victorian B & B called "Seven Gables Inn", is just beautiful

This is "Thomas Kinkade "Archive building

This was #1 on our "17 Mile Drive " in Pebble Beach....

I wonder if this is why they call it Pebble Beach. Pretty...

Look what the sign says on this beach

The Pacific waters are really colorful

Love to watch the waves crash on the rocks

This is the famous "Ocean Tee" at Pebble Beach Golf Course

This is just one of the homes on the other side of...

There even was two deer wondering on the golf grounds. We could...

On this huge rock you have seals and birds being lazy

Had to share my favorite shot of the Pacific at Pebble Beach

"The Lone Cypress" on the rocks

One more pic of ocean

Driving thru Carmel the homes were more like summer homes but very...

This rose was at our site at the Betabel RV Park in...

Visited this Mission

San Juan Bautista Mission

Visitors entrance

Front of Mission was a courtyard with beautiful rose garden and fountain...

This was one of the many roses in the gardens

This is one of many older buildings surrounding the Mission

Downtown San Juan Bautista is a quiet town with many buildings used...

This is just one of the walkways on the buildings. Chickens ran...

This rooster followed me around making sure I didn't go into the...

Amazing how the town kept the original setting

Went through the mountains and this view on top you could see...

Lighthouse at Santa Cruz, CA

We walked around this area one at a time - no pets...

Front part of Santa Cruz boardwalk and Casino

The back of this area was very colorful

Their were many rides on the boardwalk

A big beach area on the other side of boardwalk

An older hotel across the boardwalk

I finally remembered to get a pic of myself to prove I...

Vacation 2010-5

April 24, 2010

It was very foggy when we got up this morning. The fog did not lift until we were about 50 miles north of Paso Robles. As we drove along the valley we again saw many vineyards and vegetables growing along the highway. Many of the fields were filled with workers who were harvesting the crops along with machinery that assisted in getting the material to the packing houses. All of a sudden John saw a sign that said Camp Roberts. This is the place that his Dad was for basic training for WWII. It is now deserted and the barracks are in a state of disrepair. Unfortunately because of the road conditions it was not possible to stop and get a picture of the buildings in the field that one could see from the road.

We arrived at Betabel RV Park at San Juan Bautista. Wow it is something else with all paved sights, dog exercise area, pool, two club houses etc. The really neat thing is that it is only $34/night which is less than most of the camps we have been in, and with more amenities. Also, one can wash their RV at their site. Ours sure needs it after all the rain we have gone through.

April 25, 2010

Today dawned bright and sunny. It was 49 in the AM but got up to 80 in the PM. We headed for the coast and again saw large fields of vegetables, fruit trees (Cherry) and noted that many of the fields had packing houses near them for Dole, Del Monte and Giant.

Upon arriving on the coast we drove south toward Monterey, Pebble Beach, and Carmel. The coast was just beautiful. The tide was coming in and the waves hitting the rocks off shore made spectacular waves. We toured fisherman’s wharf and the Cannery area (now full of shops) in Monterey. We drove about the town to see the houses etc. Many are large and grand with great landscaping.

We took a 17 mile toll road thru Pebble Beach. Man the houses were huge, the scenery great, and the golf courses plentiful. We saw seals sunning themselves, birds flying everywhere and huge homes along the Golf Courses. The area was getting ready for the US Open and large white tents were being erected on the course. There was a large area of old Monterey Cypress. The trees looked similar to the cypress of Florida but with heavier and rougher bark.

Our last stop today was Carmel. Carmel is a quaint town with more dollars in real estate than we care to imagine. The shore was gorgeous and something to always remembers. There was a race or walk or something in the town and we got stuck in a mess of traffic. CA 1 a major coastal road was closed. What a mess. After getting out of the traffic, we headed north back to camp full of sights, sounds and smells of the sea.

April 26, 2010

The day dawned clear and cool. The sun began to warm the air and by mid day it was nice and warm. The first stop of the day was the Mission at San Juan Bautista. The mission was built in 1797 and was the 15th of the 21 missions built along the Camino Real Trail. It is one of the largest with three aisles and 36 rooms. It is built on a bluff and over looks a large valley full of farm land. The town itself, which has the same name as the mission, is very quaint with many little shops along the main street.

We then drove to Santa Cruz. We took CA 152 which is a beautiful drive through the mountains. The road is narrow and curvy with large trees overhanging the road like a tunnel. This is not a rode for an RV. It reminded us of the roads in the Smokey Mountains. Over the mountain was Watsonville, which was a bigger town then we imagined. Again, more fields of crops and small towns on our way north on CA 1. We arrived at Santa Cruz and went down to the sea. There is a Boardwalk there. It is really an amusement park with two roller coasters and other types of rides and shops to sell tourists stuff. We drove around the area and then headed back to the coach. We took a different highway back and drove between the coastal mountains in a valley, that in addition to vegetable and fruit farms, had cattle grazing on the hillsides.

We stopped in a town near the camp called Gilroy. We got Famous Dave’s BBQ and took it back to the coach for dinner. Then it was time to do some domestic chores like laundry and washing the coach. Tomorrow is a down day to finish up domestic duties and get ready to head for Folsom to visit friends.

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