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Our favorite place at El Cid Marina

The tame iguanas at El Cid

Earl, "Mr Iguana" feeds the iguanas daily at El Cid

Strolling the beach at Los Muertos

Alone at anchor in Los Muertos, Bay of the Dead

So we left resort living a week ago by necessity. We were starting to feel fat (due to all the wonderful and inexpensive eateries) and lazy (Mike got a cold thus we weren’t exercising) and decided we could just laze around Mazatlan another month or act like cruisers again and get out on the hook and enjoy the Sea of Cortez one more time. So after shaming ourselves into it, we took off. First jump is a 30 hour overnight run to get to Baja California Sur. We stopped in Bahia Los Muertos for a couple of nights, Puerto Ballandra and now here we are anchored off Marina de La Paz. We sit in an estuary that has lots of current and lots of wind every afternoon since we arrived. We found the usual necessities, laundry (my washer/dryer unit died), the cruisers book exchange which was well picked over, CCC supermarket, City Club which is similar to Costco, Rancho Viejo for molcajete and baked potatoes. Most importantly, we were reunited with our dear friend Phil from MannaSea. We met him 2 years ago here in the Sea and have kept in touch via blogs and email but it was nice to see his smiling face with the ever present twinkle in his eyes. One of the things I love most about this conservative Republican is that he loves to give my husband political grief with a smile! And yes, Mike likes it too! Anyway, we will be rendezvousing with him as we travel north perhaps as far as Puerto Escondido. At month’s end Loreto Fest will be in full swing and we may just stop by to check it out. We don’t normally attend any fest-like activities but we do enjoy seeing old friends from cruising years past. See, many people travel up into the Sea and leave their boats on the hard in Guaymas (mainland Mexico) for the summer hurricane season and until the next cruising season (roughly October through May). So the cruiser exodus has begun northward as we of course choose differently. We will once again do the “Baja-Bash” up the coast to Southern California where we can enjoy the beautiful sailing, weather and family we love. Having said that, we are about 30 days away from that wonderful task and no, I am not looking forward to it but that too is part of our journey…..

Today we leave La Paz, “The Peace”, and head 50 miles north to Punta Evaristo to enjoy some snorkeling, fishing and hiking. Hope this finds you well!

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