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The remains of Volubilis

Now where is Moulay Idriss!?

Moulay Idriss, just after sunset

Loading up,heading to market

racing to market

At the market, waiting for customers

Around the corner from the market, restaurant row, and some great food!

Another day, another card game

on the right side of the steps, pondering life

And on the right side of the steps, solving the problems of...

and two people happy to just watch all of it happen

We realized that we do not leave Morocco on the 4th of April, but the 7th of April. That means there are four days before our departure and it is time to move on from Meknes.

Many people go to Moulay Idriss and Volubilis on a day trip from Meknes. Some stay the night, and if you are looking for a relaxing place in Morocco, but absent the madness of Morocco, you may stay two nights. We stayed 3 nights.

Moulay Idriss is a sacred town to all Muslims. It is said that if a Muslim cannot make it to Mecca in their lifetime, Moulay Idriss is an acceptable alternative. Volubilis is the ancient Roman City just outside Moulay Idriss.

We hiked to Volubilis, hiked up the mountain overlooking Moulay Idriss, watched ordinary Moroccans go about life, played guitar, read books and watched sports on the internet. It was fantastic. And then there was dinner. At our Riad, they would go get dinner from a local establishment, bring it back and serve it to you. Oh and if you wanted, a bottle of very nice Meknes wine could quietly be served with your meal.

It really only takes a day to establish a ritual, as we eagerly awaited the second nights dinner as much as we did the first night. Both simply wonderful and complimented a fantastic, relaxing time in Morocco (which does not appear to be very common in Morocco).

Now time to take a deep breath and head to Fez, capital of overwhelming!


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