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Now one thing that is quickly apparent once you depart Casablanca is the absence of places that serve alcohol and even fewer (maybe none) that sell it to take with you. So we didn´t want a lot to drink, just one beer would be great.

So we found this place, Le Bar, via the internet and was advertized as a place where even women would be comfortable sitting in and having a drink. It took some searching, but we found it and entered thourgh the heavily tinted door. A beautiful place. We enjoyed a cold beer and watching all the activity on the street through windows more heavily tinted than we had ever seen. The beers were outrageously priced, but there seems to be a custom in Morocco to serve snacks with the beverages. And not salty pretzels or chips - outstanding olives, mini pizza squares and more.

It quickly became time for dinner and Tomas recalled a pizzeria (piizzeria la four) that we had passed on the way to Le Bar. It even had a beer sign out front which gave it even better potential.

If a place that serves alcohol doesn't have tinted windows or a heavy curtain, it has no windows at all, as was the case at Pizzeria La Four. But what a romantic feel it had. Then the waiter, who spoke perfect English, informed us that Meknes is the wine region of Morocco. What! Jill and I looked at each other, mouthed 'you have got to be kidding!?', then simultaneously said to the waiter 'you have got to be kidding!'.

The wine was beautiful, the setting surreal and the meal amazing. So we decided this was a much better anniversary night meal, therefore, as nice as dinner was in 'Mom´s living room', it´s now officially Pizzeria La Four in our memories.


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