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Desert view near Hoover Dam

Desert view near Hoover Dam

New brigde over Colorado River near Hoover Dam

View of reservoir behind Hoover Dam (low water)

Friday, April 17, picked up van and trip to Las Vegas. Cloudy until we left Flagstaff then sunny all the way to Las Vegas with a high temperature of 80. Well, I finally have my van back, but it wasn’t easy. I called the shop around 10am hoping they would say, “come right over”. That did not happen. Instead they said come over at 2pm, which made me think it may not be done until next week. So, around 1 o’clock we showed up at the shop. As it turned out, my van was just having its final wash and detailing. I suggested we get the paperwork out of the way, and at that time the shop Manager told me that he has not received any statement of payment commitment from the Insurance Company of the person that hit me. So, I got on the phone and called them. Previously, they had committed that they would coordinate all payments with the Collision Center, so I would not need to pay anything. Obviously, this had not happened. I talked to the Claims person and she said she intended to get the commitment paperwork to the Collision Center, but the computer screwed up. Yup, blame the computer. I asked her who I had to talk to so this could happen. She said she would call me back in 5 minutes. Within 4 minutes she called me and said she solved the problem, and she would fax the paperwork to the shop in about a half hour right after the meeting she was late for. I said, “how about faxing it now”. Unhappily, she said, “alright”. So that problem solved, we moved into the car swapping phase. You never know how much stuff you have, plus we have purchased more, until you have to move it. Luckily, it all fit into my van with not much space to spare. The next step was to return the rental. We drove both cars to the rental office and immediately a salesperson came out to greet us. I thought this is real service and this will go very quickly. See, I was in a hurry because I wanted to be in Las Vegas by 7pm, and it was 2:30 as I stepped into the rental office. Well, 30 minutes later I was still in the office with the rental people trying to resolve a “computer” problem. I finally said, “look, the insurance company just called”, which they did, “and said they would pay for all the rental costs”. “So, I going to leave and you can solve your computer problems”. And I left. The drive to Las Vegas went well. As I previously said, the clouds went away and the sun came out. The desert was again beautiful. We drove over Hoover Dam and were at the Hampton about 7:30. We had a quick supper next door. Tomorrow we plan to drive through Death Valley National Park.

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