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From Indio, San Jacinto Mountain had more snow after our light showers

Sun setting beyond the low clouds

Leaving Indio eastbound, CA desert is ablaze with color

Desert & Mountains

She can't decide - pillow, seat or bed - lets try all...

Welcome to AZ (again)

Brilliant yellow spring flowers along I-10

AZ desert & mountains

nearing Casa Grande, AZ

Picacho Peak near Tucson

Tucson, AZ from Interstate 10

Prickly Pear cactus

This Yucca already lost it's bloom

Blooming Ocotillo

The desert brush is green this time of year

The purple flowers look like desert Lupine

Interesting rock formations shaped by erosion

Rugged rocky area along Interstate 10 west of Willcox

Willcox Elks have great RV parking with lovely mountainous scenery

We enjoyed our short stay at Willcox Elks

Today we headed off easterly on our way to Texas for a Rally. We will take several days to get there with no particular itinerary. Larry will drive until he wants to stop.

Traveling through Arizona in the spring is a blaze of yellow flowers along the highway and as far as you can see. This is a far cry from late in the season when everything is mostly brown. We saw Suguara cactus, cholla cactus and yucca plants. The desert floor was also covered in green brush. Every now and then we also spotted small clumps of bright purple flowers along the roadside that added to the scenery.

Today's stop is Willcox, Arizona on Interstate 10 near the eastern border of Arizona. In 2006 we had stopped for a visit at the Willcox Elks Lodge and remembered that they had RV spaces so decided that was a good place as any to stop.

After setting up we noticed their parking lot was filling so we went in for a drink and stayed for their dinner night, tonight was fried shrimp which was delicious. In the evening while taking Gidget out for her evening stroll we heard the sounds of cattle. We didn't realize during the day that there were any nearby.

Also, because we are staying close to the Interstate, we are lucky enough to be serenaded by the sounds of trains in the middle of the night.

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