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High school near Wally's World in Las Vegas. Nice, huh?

Wind turbines!

On the way to our campground


Green grass!

This morning BK got our breakfast business. You can't beat it - two breakfast sandwiches and two coffee for $3. Sometimes it's nice to be a senior citizen. Then we joined Sam's Club and got gas. Finally pulled out about 8:20 am.

Las Vegas roads are wild; at one intersection there were 40 - yes that's forty - lanes of traffic: 10 from each side. This little country girl was amazed.

About 9 we got to California. In the course of 1 hour we went from 3000 feet to 4000 feet to 2000 feet. I have been following elevations a lot and boy! are we constantly changing. We both kept commenting on the beautiful green grass - it really is pretty - then realized that it was the green that we appreciated. We hadn't seen a lot of it in the past weeks. And the wind turbines!

I thought we saw tons of them before - there must have been thousands of them today.

After lunch I called and made our reservations for tonight. Bad mistake. We are far from Sequoia and had to travel 40 miles of the steepest roads to get here. And the campground itself is nothing great. We have been so lucky thus far; we've had some really nice campgrounds, particularly in Carlsbad and Page.

Anyway we're here - had chicken pot pies for supper and just finished a nice hot shower (in a cold shower room).

Tomorrow we'll head for Sequoia (I think).

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