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giving the final rinse

Here are three of the fire units

the fire station day room

this was our home

Jamison and Laura coloring the eggs for the Easter Bunny

Not only the eggs get colored when the tube-style dye cups collapse,...

M.C., Idaho Supreme Court Justice Roger Burdick

ready for the beach in 1920

Jamison's birthday cake

Jamison, friend Trey and his cousin Dillon

Things have been busy since the 27th of March. We have been getting more things ready and have had plenty of work and personal engagements to attend. We have also been exploring options for a place to live after the house sells.

Parking the fifth-wheel at the Fire Station until the end of summer has been a "best-case" scenario for us as Rick could go on as many fire calls as he can fit into a day. After surveying the fire-station property, we noticed an irrigation pivot immediately to the west of where we would have to park. That would not work well for the finish on the rig as they spray fertilizer through the pivot and the wind is quite persist here. I'm afraid our rig would look ten years old after only three months. Parking it in the vacant bay of the station would work much better.

We took advantage of a wonderfully warm and sunny day to clean the fire station and all the trucks to give the Fire-cheif and Commissioners a taste of how we would do if they will allow us to live there.

Verbally we have approval, but there needs to be a formal decision. They held their meeting last night so we should get the final decision soon.

We met the buyers of our home about two weeks before the scheduled closing date...very nice folks! It was great to hear them so excited about aspects of our home that were their "Dream-home". The closing took place on exactly the date planned which is extremely rare these days. As of April 9th we are officially homeless. The buyers will be taking a few items; washer/dryer, lawn tractor, the big television and... and in return we will stay in the home until the end of May. The barter arrangement works well for both of us. Now to get rid of the things that we won't be keeping, giving to the children or other family members or putting in storage. Yes, we will be keeping a storage unit. There are certain things that neither of us can part with permanently...not much, but enough to require a place to keep them.

Easter came and went. We had a great time watching Jamison color eggs with his aunt Laura and then on Easter Sunday he came back to find all the eggs the Easter Bunny had hidden in our home. The weather was not cooperating, so the Easter Bunny stayed inside this year.

We were told that we could not skip the annual Chamber of Commerce banquet on April 2nd. Suspicions were correct...they honored us with an award for Outstanding Achievement for all of our continued support over the years. We were presented with a nice plaque and three books on how to live together successfully and one book; RV Vacations for Dumbies. We had a nice evening.

On April 7, I had to model a 1920's swimming suit at the annual Women's Council of Realtors "Martini Affair" fund-raiser.

Friday, April 9th we celebrated Jamison's 6th birthday at Gerdies pizza. Yes, his cake has bugs on it.

When he visits us, we almost always go bug hunting. We have seen some epic battles in the glass jars. The winner to date was a cat spider vs. a praying mantis.....the cat spider won. Reluctantly, his mother allows him to take the bugs home. What a sport!

This past Saturday we went to visit our truck at Bish's RV to see how the hitch installation was coming. The hitch is in. They had to take out the suspension airbags that came with the truck, but replaced them with new ones that fit in the space available. They had also installed a removable mud-flap unit. They looked so big on the back of the truck. We'll get a photo as soon as we get 'er home.

We tried to get out of work right at five today so we could bring the truck home, but didn't quite make it. Maybe tomorrow.

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