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Visiting Santa Paula



Main Street downtown

Front of the old bank building

Side of old bank building

One of several lovely murals



Old train station

We went into Santa Paul to snoop around and for lunch. It is a quaint town with rich farming and railroad history. Some of the shops are struggling in this economy but they have a mix of tourist oriented shops and ones with the necessities for the community. We enjoyed a couple of meals in the local restaurants while we were here.

Here is a link to The Citrus Capital of the World.

In the early 1900's Santa Paula was considered the pre Hollywood film capital, the Queen of the Silver Screen. Even today, Santa Paula is noted for its movie personalities (silent and sound) who resided in and adjacent to the city and a TV or movie crew is not an unusual sight in the community. In fact they had been filing a commercial just before we arrived. The place we had lunch has been in many commercials.

On the above website, click on Visitor Information, then under the moving banner of photos, click on "Filming" to read more about the movie business in Santa Paula.

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