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Casa Grande sunets

Another brillian sky

Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, Palo Verde AZ

Our visit to Casa Grande has come to a close, and it was sad to say goodbye to Mike & Connie. The past couple days we had enjoyed some more "shopping" adventures and driving around looking at more "adult communities". There are some awesome communities around here that cater to retirees and offer a lot of activities to keep them busy. Sounds like fun to me.

After leaving Casa Grande on Interstate 10 we heard something on the local radio station about a seven mile delay through Phoenix so Larry got on the CB Radio and heard the truckers telling anyone in earshot to take the next exit and head west on such-and-such road to bypass the accident. We heard that a motorhome had flipped on it's side and was blocking several lanes. Wow, sure wouldn't want to be that RV'er. We were so glad that we listened to the truckers on the CB.

As we were driving along Interstate 10 we saw tall plumes of steam in the distance and finally discovered it was Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station. I was amazed at the number of stacks that were billowing steam, they must be working overtime to produce power.

We hit bad head winds going through the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs area)and it was 80 degrees, but when we got up to Silent Valley Club at 3,500', it was sunny but a little cooler.

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