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Today we got up and had breakfast on the foor of the Pension. We got to have an omelet which was a change froma boiled egg. Then after a rest in the sun on the roof we headed to Efes. We decided to walk to the North gate and then walk down through the ruins to the South gate.

After about 4km from the town of Selcuk we arrived at the entrance. The ruins are amazing possibly the best we have been to in Greece or Turkey (and believe me we have been to a heap). It wasn't long and we came across the "library". The front wall of the building has been put back together and it looks amazing. After waiting about 30 min for 500 boy scouts to leave we got some good photos. Then a bit further down we came accross their Theatre which would of been huge in its day. We even saw a 2000 year old toilet, they had them back then!

After another 3km walk back to town we went back to the top of the pension to relax and have a few beers. We met back up with the English guys from the night before and an aussie girl and also an aussie guy we met in Capadocia and his friends (Its amazing how you keep coming accross the same people all over turkey). We ended up going out and trying dinner in local resturant then onto a bar that when the 9 of us walked in the number trippled.

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