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Our Coeur d'Alene, Idaho friends Mike & Connie are staying in another Resort but we are visiting one another. Yesterday after the morning rain they came to visit and we ended up going to Pizza Hut (in the rain). We had a fun evening with them.

Then today they took us to Apache Junction to a HUGE Flea Market/Marketplace. It is four long rows with two long rows on the ends boxing it all in, with canvas sides and hard roof. When we first arrived we started in one corner and it took an hour and a half to just go up one row. It was getting to be lunch time so we left to go across the highway to the In-N-Out Burgers, our MOST favorite burger place in the whole world!

Then we went back to finish "shopping". Because the guys were getting tired near the end the girls picked up the pace complaining that we were missing some booths. It was productive however because we all found things that we couldn't live without.

Later that night we went to visit the Casa Grande Elks and chatted with the small group that was there for the evening.

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