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Let's go Jeeping. . . .

Cholla cactus

Driving in a dry wash

Dome Rock mountain

Lovely red rock

Wendy, Larry & I found an old mine

Wendy went climbing and exploring

We came across another mine shaft

A smiling cactus

Up on the hill overlooking Quartzsite

Just look at all the RVs in the desert

Top of Dome Rock up close

. . . don't think we want to go down this one,...

Postcard of Quaratzsite from the NE looking SW, Dome Rock Mtn is...

Having a good time at Silly Al's Pizza with Bruce & Sue...

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Panorama view of Quartzsite

Today Kim & Wendy took us "Jeeping" in the desert. We went west of town and explored the area of Dome Rock. They had gone the other day and checked out the dirt roads, but we still explored some new ones.

There were plenty of piles of tailings from mine shafts. And there were current working mines with "Keep Out" signs. We went up on a hill and had an awesome view of the Quartzsite area. It is amazing to see how many people boondock (dry camp) in the desert for the winter. Most places it is free, but you still need to get the permit. Not for me, for too long anyway, I need my utilities.

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