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Arrival into Durban this morning is bittersweet. As in all extended travels away from home, there is the possibility of having medical problems. Durban is that "modern," shining city that offers so much to venture out , explore & has so much to explore but Ellie is not able to go exploring. She is getting anemic & because of her kidney & heart problems she will need a blood transfusion to get her hemoglobin up & electrolytes back to "normal". We will be getting that done in Capetown, South Africa & expect to continue our travels (but not exerting so much as we did when Debbie was traveling with us-not that she did not want to do all the things we did but just at a little less rushed pace, picking her places she wants to "exert"-she really enjoys sitting on the balcony in the chaise or resting in the cabin during the day).

It is good to know so many people are interested in her well being, she does appreciate the support & prayers but knows there is nothing anyone can do until she has gotten her blood count up & her meds adjusted for continuing on (not just this trip but getting through each day). She will be better after she sees a doctor & gets the proper care & treatment. That has been taken care of. All arrangements are made through the Dr. on board & the ship (Regent company) to get the best care of the ship's guest(s). Ellie, the Dr.& I discussed her situation & (having all her previous medical records) concluded this is the best plan for her to pursue. The good thing about having internet connections, is that her Dr's back home, that treat her are fully aware of what is happening part way around the world.

This is one reason we have called this World Cruise our "Bonus" World Cruise, because we never know when we could continue traveling, that Ellie so much likes to do aboard ships. & does so much like Regent & their personnel, Captain (Dag), staff & crew, so far.

I will post the photos I've taken of the harbor approach & immediate harbor dockage but we will have to come back to this part of Africa if there ever is another opportunity for Ellie & I to continue extended traveling. We are so fortunate to have these opportunities, she will never forget all the experiences, nor will I.

Again, thank you all for your continued support, interest & prayers. The future is ahead & the best days are this very moment we live, enjoy life to the max as if there is no more to experience (one day will come when we can't do all the things we used to do).

"Our World, Our Way, No Regrets!"

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