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This may come as a bit of a shock, and we apologise for the delay for creating an entry. We are now in Kenya and will be landing back in England on the 12th May.

Shortly before we left as I said in the last update, I (adam that is) broke my foot, basically we thought we would be alright, and the doctor seemed to agree on the Monday. However on arrival to Cape Town we realised I could not go much further than 100m on a single crutch without being in a lot of pain, to add to this, the weather was pretty poor (raining and colder than at home), we could hardly do anything in Capetown which was not too bad as we had been last year. So we decided to head onto Stellenbosch for a few days and see what was happening. It is nice and compact but not that much to do if you cannot get around. We were planning on heading up the coast to Pletteburgh to the beach but the 7 day weather forecast said it would be cold and raining, with a max temp at the time of 12 degrees. We had planned to do lots of trekking and I could not even get my walking boots on, let alone walk for hours on end and with an expected full recovery of 6 weeks we were feeling pretty down.

We spent long and hard thinking about the options we had, and felt that we had no alternative but to head for the airport and look for a flight home, especially as we felt my foot was getting worse and we did not want to cause any permanent damage.

On arrival at Capetown airport, we spoke to BA (who our flight was with) and they could do nothing to help us because our return journey was from Nairobi. To cut a long story short, after an entire day spent at the airport we decided in the end to head for Kenya via Johannesburg, Nairobi and Mombassa and headed for Watamu and it was the cheapest option (including visas). This way we could use our original flight from Nairobi to get back home with. So the next day we got on our plane to head for Kenya.

Dad had arranged for us to stay with some friends of his called Graham and Chris from the Monday, in the meantime we stayed at Turtle Bay for 5 days and managed to rest my foot lots. The difference the 5 days made was incredible.

Graham and Chris have been fantastic looking after us, they have let us extend our stay a bit longer than originally planned, and really welcomed us into their house. Thanks very much to the both of them!

In hindsight it was the best thing that we did, as coming to Kenya has made us feel like the whole trip has not been a complete waste. The whole experience has cost us a lot of money, and we cannot retrieve any of it back.

On our return home we will rest for a few more weeks to make sure that my foot is completely healed before we go away again. We are still trying to decide where we will go, but unfortunately it will not be Africa as we will not have the funds to do it again.

It has been an interesting time, and a costly one, but we are not deterred. In hindsight we should have never left, but nothing we can do about that now, and I still cannot walk that far, as my foot starts to hurt again.

Will add some more details when we get back.

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